Being direct partners of leading companies: PHILIPS – SAMSUNG – LG – LÖEWE – LENUSS, we offer wide range of hotel LED TV models. They are distinguished for their design, high quality production standards, connectivity with modern INFO and Interactive systems, all in HD quality. Energy saving features and inflammable enclosures become standard request of many international hotels & chains.

Special characteristics of hotel models

  • Welcome message (picture or video)
  • Internet connection
  • Digital clock and alarm
  • Connect with hotel interactive systems
  • Energy saving
  • Inflammable enclosure
  • Programming of all TV devices at once – even without entering the room
  • High quality production and installed components
  • External speaker terminal - bathroom
  • Hotel menu with numerous functions
  • Service and technical support at the top level – includes device pick-up, repair and return*
                *for customers with a service contract

New: Models with built-in DVB-S satellite tuner

These models are especially suitable for smaller hotels and apartments, there is no need of installation of extra receiver in each room, and the most important is that it is used just one remote control!

Beside standard warranty periods, we can offer you an extended warranty up to 5 years.

So, do not worry, dedicate to your guests, we will take care of all maintenance needs.

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