Are you looking for a new way of informing or promotion?

We have developed advanced and easy solutions for creation, distribution and control of content on monitor or group of monitors at remote locations. The system is applicable in many situations and businesses: restaurants, shops, bars, hotels, hospitals, schools...

  • Information is shown “on-time”
  • Targeted promotional messages
  • Save on a printing cost and material distribution
  • Increase revenue of promoted services
Our designers will create and visually adjust layouts, content and promotional messages in a way that will best reflect the your quality offer as well as the visual identity, and thanks to interesting and dynamic elements your displays will further attract attention.

With adding RSS feeds, weather forecast, interesting banners, clock and date, and special video elements, the informations will be attractive. Contact us.

ELIISE – system for a common hotel area

Hoteliers need to offer their guests the best possible service and the quality of their products. Today, the communication with guests is more important than ever, and digital advertising systems must be enable to provide quality, visually interesting information, without any delay.

LiveMax – a portal for hotel rooms Download LiveMax

Inform guests and offer them services and products while they are in a hotel room. By using LiveMax system and new hotel LED TV models, you can create a new added value. Give each guest a digital picture of exceptional quality with lots of content and informations.

Cost effective solution - take advantage of our innovative system.

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