Financing of Interior And Technology Solutions

As an additional service we offer attractive financing options on all our products and for all clients. Hoist Group is your financing partner when you want to raise the standard of your operations.

Financing Options with Exchange Privileges

To meet our clients’ needs for continual upgrades of interior and technology we offer leasing services – a flexible financial tool.

We can take back equipment and replace it with new products. It is also possible to replace equipment during the contract period. In addition, your contract can include technical service and support as well as affordable insurance.

Advantages of Leasing from Hoist Group

  • Update and raise the standard of your operations without taking loans from a bank
  • Generous guarantees and replacement units within 24 hours
  • Flexible contract periods
  • Possibility to upgrade to new equipment during the contract period
  • Long-term control of costs
  • No impact on your balance sheet
  • Better solidity and better business ratios

How Does the Exchange Privilege Work?

When the exchange privilege begins and you want to exchange equipment, simply contact us. Please notify us of your wish to make an exchange at least three months in advance. We will decide in consultation with each other what is to be replaced. Thereafter, your contract will be rewritten and we will take back the old equipment.
If you choose not to exchange your equipment but to let the contract come to an end, you have three options:

You may purchase the equipment for a fixed residual value. You may continue to lease the equipment at a drastically reduced cost. Hoist Group can take back the equipment.