Over the past few years, the number of connected devices and applications used in hotels has increased. As a result, hotel data networks have become an important contributor to guest satisfaction across almost all hotel segments. At the same time the hotel IT environments are more complex than ever.

With Fusion Platform, you get an IT environment that is easy to use and easy to maintain.


Fusion Platform is a highly integrated service platform that has been specifically designed for hotels. It incorporates the most important guest-facing applications such as High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA), Interactive TV, Conference Management Tool and Hotel Service Portal. By monitoring your guest needs with Fusion Dashboard, your service usage gets easier than ever, and helps you adapt your business for even better guest experiences.

Our Fusion Platform offers a simple and scalable solution that delivers premium guest experience, integrates with all of your services, adapts to your needs and helps you make qualified decisions.

High-speed Internet, Interactive TV and enhanced personalisation delivered in one place.