All Your Operational Systems Managed at Once

Improve your guests’ service delivery.

Having several operation systems acting in isolation can cause errors, waste time and result in lost information. To correct these problems, Hoist Group Fusion Interfaces interconnect the guest services systems together for; check in and check out, cleaning systems, CRM, Guest Loyalty Database, door locks and more. This way, we simplify your hotel operations and help you to provide your guests with an even more intuitive experience than they enjoy at home.

Our Fusion Interfaces are compatible with:

  • More than 120 Property Management Systems (PMS)
  • Hoist Group´s electronic hotel locks, door locks and minibars
  • Hoist Group´s Fusion Gateway including TV, Internet Portals, Hotel Service Portal, Conference Management Tool and Fusion Dashboard
  • Certified third-party solution providers (telephony, room controls, HVAC etc.)

Interfaces with Third-Party Applications

The range of digital IP-based guest and hotel applications keeps widening to include digital signage, mobile apps, voice and video conferencing solutions, CCTV, HVAC, eCRM and much more. In addition to our own applications, we are actively certifying partners who are experts in these technologies. Please contact us (link) for more information.

Follow Your Guests – Increase Their Satisfaction

Interfacing two or more systems generates large amounts of data. While it is not always easy to make sense of these, a simple analysis can give you important clues about your guests’ use of devices or platforms, their special interests in TV-channels that they watch or applications that they use, but also their true service preferences. This is especially relevant for hotel chains or groups that strive to continually improve their levels of personalisation to increase customer loyalty across their chain footprint. Check out our Dashboard (link), which combines all this data and provides you with the tools you need to help make key decisions.