Let Us Worry about Your Operation

Hoist Group’s solutions and technologies sit at the core of your hotel service. The Property Management System is the nerve system for all hotel operations, broadband internet has become a key driver for the overall guest satisfaction and the TV service remains one of the most widely used amenities. Also mobile applications have become the centre for guest interactions and other technologies such as electronic door locks.

All these Hoist Group products provide a host of innovative features to interact and engage with your guests. Yet beyond the actual product functionality, it is the quality of the service and the absence of disruption that matters to your guests. Let us worry about your operation and allow yourself to focus on your guests.

Local Presence 24/7

Hoist Group understands that your hotel operates day and night, from Monday to Sunday and requires a support model that is service oriented, 24/7 and guarantees local presence.

Multilanguage Hotel Dedicated Support

Our multilanguage hotline service provides a 24/7/365 entry point for any issues or requests on the service, as well as providing a HelpDesk function for your guests.

Our specially trained agents interact with your guests and staff in their own language.

24/7 Expert Availability

More complex incidents that require in depth troubleshooting are escalated to our Network Operations Center that also deals with ongoing management tasks.

Operating 24/7, our NOC is manned by a team of highly skilled engineers and experts from different hotel technology backgrounds to ensure they can deal with any complex issue.

Onsite Intervention Engineers

Our onsite intervention service ensures that any issue with your hotel that requires the physical presence of an engineer will be promptly dealt with.

Intervention task forces are geographically spread out to ensure that within 8 hours of a request, a qualified engineer will be on premises and ready to bring your installation back to full performance. The onsite intervention engineers are trained in all Hoist Group technical products.