Discover the Potential of Hoist Dashboard

Throughout the entire guest journey Hoist Dashboard lets you keep track of the data from all your digital touchpoints before, during and after the stay.

Analyze your Data

Analyze your guest trends such as preferences and service profitability.

Understand Your Guests

Understand your guests needs through service usage.

Take action

Take action based on insights to make better informed business decisions.

Complete Overview

Keep track of data from all digital touchpoints in one place.

Get Insights on How to Improve Your Business

  • Discover how your guest services work together
  • See direct correlation between data and results
  • Identify key areas for improvement, i.e. how streaming trends affects bandwidth requirements

Get the Big Picture

  • Information through real-time data
  • Be one step ahead with proactive alerts
  • Benefit from trend analysis with data forecasts

Completely Scalable for Your Business

Hoist Dashboard gives you an easy overview of all data whether you are a single hotel, hotel chain or owner of more than one property.