Superfast Internet for your hotel

Internet access is the first digital service your guest experience during their stay. It is crucial to ensure a straightforward connection process with a stable and secure connection, regardless of the device. FUSION is by far the best and fastest Internet solution, combining modern network technology with many additional features. The system provides advanced options and unique features for particular parts of the hotel and its business. FUSION Internet access is very flexible – you can customize the appearance and content of the portal, and adjust it to the hotel’s visual identity.


The FUSION Internet is scalable and developed to match all hotel sizes: from small, medium to large.


Personalize your content and advertise special offers and latest information.

Responsive design

The portal’s responsive design is tailor-made for any smart device. Available in 20 languages, it provides a great user experience.

Easy to use

The FUSION platform is easy to use through its intuitive content creation and management system.

Benefits for hotels

The modern platform includes all modules and tools necessary to create a customized Internet access portal for hotel guests

Advertise your content and hotel offers through the Internet access portal

Several plans available, including loyalty programs

Benefits for guests

Fast and secure Internet access

Responsive design

Multiple authentication options, including social networks (Facebook, Instagram,Google)
FUSION Internet system is customizable

The system supports several languages, authentication and connectivity options, usage, and pricing plans.

Authentication methods

  • PMS / HIS - connection by system data (guest's family name & room number)
  • Vouchers
  • Social signup and login

Plans and usage options

  • Free access for VIP for all guests
  • Special Internet access for conference attendees
  • Usage plan by connectivity rate
  • Loyalty programs

FUSION Content Management Module (CMS)

Easily manage your content through FUSION CMS advanced tool for all hospitality systems (Internet access, interactive TV, and mobile applications). The FUSION portal sends banners, promotional content and special offers directly to in-room TVs.

Quickly customize and preview all parameters before sending them. Add links to banners and track advertising performance for content optimization.