A fast and stable Internet connection is equally essential for hosts and participants during a conference. The FUSION platform's independent management system includes control, content creation, and automatic content update, ensuring the conference runs smoothly.

Define your network

Setup time-limited access for specific groups of users with customizable access and a unique network name (SSID).

Determine network speed

Set priorities and determine network bandwidth to ensure optimal conditions and provide a quality user experience.

Customize network parameters

Determine the number of users or devices connecting to the network and the span of the access codes.

Personalize your network appearance

Personalize your network appearance by adjusting the conference module to the visual identity of the event or its host.

FUSION conference tool benefits

For Hotels:

  • Independent conference network setup and management
  • Optimized Internet access: define network settings regardless of the hotel's guest Wi-Fi
  • Personalized interface access

For users and organisers:

  • Quality and fast Internet access for conference attendees
  • Unique passwords for all users
  • Early-bird conference booking option
  • Define access in advance