Make customer satisfaction your priority

Guests can access and use the hotel app without downloading it. The mobile-friendly hotel app is an ideal tool for promoting hotel content.

The app automatically shows on all mobile devices connected to the hotel's Wi-Fi network. Using the FUSION CMS platform, you can easily update current offers and information. Guests have easy access to relevant local and global information:

  • Bars and restaurants - offers and opening hours
  • Transportation schedules
  • Latest news and information
  • Travel guides and local events
  • Online shops and destination offer
  • All hotel services and special offers

Content management

Easily update your content, manage promotional banners, and present the portal in more than 20 languages. The CMS platform enables content management in all systems: interactive TV, Internet access, and web app.

Content optimization for the target audience

Full Internet solutions are part of the guest portal. In addition to many features, the app offers access to usage insights. Optimize your content to reach your target audience.