New technology for best guest experiences

FUSION Interactive TV follows the latest industry trends in hotel TV systems and includes tailor-made advanced modules and features. The system supports various types of content, including multiple TV channels, on-demand content, music, and apps. You can install the FUSION system in the current infrastructure of the hotel (wired or wireless), and connect it to other third-party systems (PMS, Info system, databases, mobile applications).

Hotel TV – Advertise your hotel content

Hotel TV is an outstanding tool for advertising promotional offers in your hotel. FUSION system allows you to create personalized advertising content and easily advertise it on hotel TVs. Simply use your visual identity to create customized branded content, and give your guests direct insight into the latest promotional offers.

Home-like content for your guests

Constant usage of smart devices means we always bring them on the go. Guests can easily connect all smart devices to their in-room TVs and enjoy personalized content at large screens with superior quality, and quality sound.

Management and control

Central management and content optimization are essential for effective guest-centered communication. The FUSION system controls content, device parameters and usage overview for content optimization and service performance improvement. The FUSION CMS platform is an efficient, user-friendly tool both for hotel and guest management.