Connecting to the Internet is one of the first experiences that your guest will have at your hotel. It needs to be user friendly, device agnostic and branded with your hotel logo. Hoist Group Internet Access Portal is flexible and can be adapted to a large variety of layouts. Everything is managed through our powerful Content Management System.


Our highly configurable portal covers all a hotelier’s needs, from small 10 room Boutique Hotels to multi property resorts with hundreds of rooms and conference facilities.


Our web portal; your content; a way to immediately communicate and interact with your guests to promote your brand, services and restaurants with customised content.


Our Internet Access Portal is designed to work perfectly and automatically on any device, with 20 available languages.


Create, brand and manage your Internet Portal intuitively via the polyvalent web based Content Management System.

Benefits – for the hoteliers

A flexible, modern and customisable portal granting a complete set of tools and options to create your own guest facing portal.

A promotion tool allowing you to leverage the Internet Access Portal promoting your hotel services.

Multiple product accesses from Free to Premium, including loyalty membership.

Benefits – for the guests

Easy Internet access.

The portal is perfectly displayed on every type of device (smartphones, laptops and tablets) regardless of the operating system, brand or model.

Multiple authentication options, including social network logins (Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter).
The Internet Access Portal is a highly configurable portal, supporting multiple languages and authentication methods and business models such as:

Authentication methods

  • PMS
  • Vouchers
  • Social network sign-ins

Business models

  • Free to Guest
  • Free to All
  • Single or multi-tiered
  • Support for loyalty memberships

The Fusion Content Management System

The Fusion Content Management System is a complete, easy to use self-service web tool, allowing the hotelier to customise all Hoist Group web-portals, Internet access portal, Hotel service portal, TV portal, and manage banner displays and to promote hotel services.

Our Fusion Content Management System shares the same user interface of the Fusion Dashboard and the Fusion Conference Tool for a consistent user experience. It allows users to customise almost all the page elements and to preview the content changes before applying them, with different views based on different screen sizes. The ability to add banners linked to a URL allows the Hotel Marketing Department to schedule campaigns and promotions.