Great Content Whenever You Like

Let your guests lean back and enjoy the latest movies and TV shows on their hotel TV. Simply with the push of a button. Whether they want to watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters, or a romantic comedy after a day of sightseeing, we offer large range of films and series for hotels in Europe and Middle East.

Premium Content

  • Titles available before other consumer
  • New major titles every month
  • The latest content for kids, families and adults
  • Premium paid channels

Language & Subtitles

  • Wide range of languages and subtitles
  • Additional subtitles available per request
  • Available in Europe and Middle East
  • Multilingual user interface

Hoist Group Content Providers

Hoist Group offers an exciting streaming service combined with our interactive TV solution. We have agreements in place to provide you with films from major Hollywood and independant studios weeks before other consumer services.