Hotel Service Portal – accessible from everywhere

Provide your guests with customised hotel information and offers anywhere. The portal is accessible via most Internet browsers.

Keep your guests´ satisfaction a priority – before, during and after their stay

Always at hand, our Hotel Service Portal gives your guests access to hotel information and promotions no matter where they are. The information is fully customised to suit their needs and expectations.

A Hotel Service Portal means you no longer need to provide hotel information folders in your guest´s rooms. Simply update the portal with information using the intuitive content management system. Since it is stored in a single location, updating your information is much easier.

Give your guests easy access to information such as:

  • Restaurant menus and opening hours
  • Transport and weather
  • Online news
  • City Guides and flight status
  • E-shops
  • Service requests

Compatible with All Devices

The Hotel Service Portal serves as a default landing page for your guests when they log on to the WiFi network and can also be used via your smart TVs.
  • Smart TVs
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Computers

Design to Suit Your Hotel

The Hotel Service Portal can be customised to match your hotel’s profile and to create a visual link between your website and the portal.

Content Management System

The Fusion Content Management System is an inclusive and easy to use self-service web tool. Seamlessly update your content, manage your promotional banners and display your portal in your preferred languages (20 supported languages).

Fully customised:

  • Internet access portal
  • Hotel service portal
  • TV portal

Different Information for Different Guests

We offer complete Internet solutions integrated with the guest portal that, along with other features, make it possible to offer guests access to different information and offers via the portal. This lets you increase your additional sales by optimising your marketing to target the right audience.